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Adam Spitalny is a freelance graphic designer based in Boston, MA. As a classically trained graphic designer, he enjoys taking complex design challenges and simplifying them in order to evoke a strong emotional response. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in working together. Cheers!


Identity, Print Collateral, Packaging, Product UI

GRIDSMART Logotype GRIDSMART GraphicMark GRIDSMART Stationary GRIDSMART Advertisment GRIDSMART StreetSmartSystem box GRIDSMART StreetSmartSystem box detail GRIDSMART StreetSmartSystem product suite GRIDSMART Unboxing GS2 GRIDSMART Unboxing Camera GRIDSMART Shipping Label Detail GRIDSMART CPU packaging GRIDSMART CPU in packaging GRIDSMART CPU GRIDSMART CPU installed GRIDSMART Camera unboxing GRIDSMART Camera install


Identity, Print Collateral, Product Design, Website

Bornhardt logo Bornhardt business cards Bornhardt business card details Bornhardt tags Bornhardt mailing list Bornhardt brand Bornhardt brand overview Bornhardt coffee table Bornhardt side table Bornhardt lookbook cover Bornhardt lookbook spread 1 Bornhardt lookbook spread 2 Bornhardt homepage Bornhardt web pages

'47 Brand

Print Collateral, Illustration, Icons, Product Branding

'47 Brand spring and fall catalog covers '47 Brand spring and fall catalog spines '47 Brand spring catalog overview '47 Brand spring catalog spread 1 '47 Brand spring catalog spread 2 '47 Brand spring catalog spread 3 '47 Brand Fall catalog overview '47 Brand fall catalog spread '47 Brand strapback sticker '47 Brand snapback sticker '47 Brand fitted sticker '47 Brand guts detail '47 Brand neck label '47 Brand headwear and apparel sizing application


Identity, Print Collateral, E-Commerce Website

Spencer Fabrication Company logo Spencer Fabrication Company secondary logo marks Spencer Fabrication Company business card Spencer Fabrication Company shop car Spencer Fabrication Company vacuum manifold Spencer Fabrication Company vacuum block Spencer Fabrication Company home page Spencer Fabrication Company E-commerce site


Identity, Product Branding, Packaging, Print Collateral

Labyrinth Audio logo Labyrinth Audio business card Thick Witch logo Keith saudering Thick Witch front of pedal Thick Witch front detail Thick Witch back detail Labyrinth Audio / Thick Witch promo poster Labyrinth Audio / Thick Witch product box Labyrinth Audio / Thick Witch product box detail Labyrinth Audio / Thick Witch warning sticker Labyrinth Audio / Thick Witch shipping box


Branding, Independent Print Publication

Rep Zine logo Rep Zine cover Rep Zine Abdul fofanah article Rep Zine Abdul neon lights article Rep Zine Abdul neon lights spreads Rep Zine Boston bar reviews Rep Zine Peach article Rep Zine Home page

90 East

Packaging, Print Collateral, Apparel Design

90 East Sounds Of The City DVD 90 East Sounds Of The City DVD detail 90 East Sounds Of The City Poster 90 East tee designs


Illustrations, Icons, Print Collateral, Logos

product illustration My wedding invitations IDEO shop signage Berklee Bigtime Title Breakfast posters Strong Arm illustration Dancing critter packaging '47 Brand 2013 holiday card Dirty $ illustration Factory Family record waterproof/resistant illustration The handiest man business card logos 1 logos 2